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Warehousing & Storage Infrastructure

Vintners Logistics warehouse is a state-of-the-art facility that is located on I-82 at exit 109 (Clearwater/Badger Road), in Kennewick, WA. This 160,000 square foot facility was constructed with phenol-free products specifically to handle the demanding requirements of wineries and
industry suppliers including secure, temperature and humidity controlled, inventory tracked, food grade, contamination-free storage of bottled and bulk wine.

The warehouse is a federal and state bonded wine warehouse with an experienced staff to help maneuver through the maze of federal and state regulations. The facility is registered and regularly inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). We hold certifications from the FDA, WSDA and two employees have completed training to become certified by the American Institute of Baking and implemented processes to achieve AIB accreditation.

Vintners Logistics is the first wine logistics provider to achieve these certifications and accreditations to ensure that your wine, ingredients and storage containers are warehoused in an environment that compliments and protects your products.

Vintners Logistics has implemented wine industry-leading cleaning and sanitation processes to ensure that our warehouse is a TCA-free environment. The facility is cleaned with customer-approved products and the warehouse’s comprehensive recycling program brings Vintners Logistics close to achieving its goal of being a no-waste facility.

The warehouse features:

  • Industrial grade refrigeration of 55 – 60 degrees F
  • Minimum R-30 insulation throughout the facility
  • Controlled-access campus ensures that products are safe and secure
  • 24-hour centrally monitored, fire, burglary and temperature alarms.


Vintners Logistics warehouse features advance technologies to communicate with you, improve business efficiencies and ensure compliance in tracking product, drivers and trucks.

We believe so strongly in the benefits of technology that we have a full-time System Architect on staff to develop, write and enhance our software. This person will provide you with customized reports to ensure that our processes are efficient and trackable. An example of this is VINO — our proprietary status tracking software. From the moment your cases, barrels or pallets arrive at our facility, VINO tracks the status of the product through our system. You’ll love this information as you can follow your product status, 24×7.

Available technology includes networked and web-based inventory management, a secure web portal, real-time GPS tracking, and more. Vintners Logistics dedication to technology provides a solid IT infrastructure that will grow with our company and your needs for decades to come. Few logistics companies offer the technology benefits of Vintners Logistics.

Warehouse Staff

Vintners Logistics maintains an experienced team of warehousing professionals responsible for receiving, handling and taking care of your products.

For example, following Vintners Logistics’ processes, our warehouse team was able to protect JM Cellars’ wine shipment from being loaded into a 3rd party carrier’s refrigerated trailer — that we measured at 90 degrees. Their refrigeration unit had broken and if we had loaded the order, this Woodinville, Washington customer’s wine would have been ruined. Give John Bigelow, owner/winemaker a call at 425-485-6508 and he will share his appreciation of our care and concern for his product. This type of situation happens multiple times each year. We have also experienced 3rd party deliveries of canned products that arrived frozen. Our staff’s attention to other carrier’s issues protects you from major losses.