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Transportation Infrastructure

Vintners Logistics is known for our trucks and trailers that are seen on freeways and highways throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western United States. While vehicles and trailers are important, there is much more to transportation than what is seen rolling on 18 wheels.


Our Volvo truck fleet features cleaner, more efficient engines in order to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Our use of wide base tires improves fuel efficiency and ride, while our automatic tire air pressure monitoring and inflation systems keep our tire pressures in check to improve fuel mileage and increase tire life.

Safety Compliance

Trained, attentive drivers keep customer’s products and our highways safer. Vintners Logistics trucks feature great driver visibility, improved maneuverability, and automatic transmissions to keep the driver and those around the driver safe.

Safety compliance is part of the culture of our business. Compliance is an investment in time and money, but it returns many rewards. Safety is paramount — from dispatchers to drivers to warehouse employees. It is everyone’s responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Rick Mata has become our Certified Safety Directors through the NATMI program. This training enhances their knowledge of safety in transportation and allows them to enhance our safety “culture” throughout the organization.

Trucks and Trailers

Vintners Logistics’ fleet consists of fuel efficient Volvo trucks with a variety of 48′ and 53′ refrigerated and dry van trailers. If you need equipment moved we also have a step deck flatbed trailer. For the smaller pickups and deliveries we also offer refrigerated box trucks. We have more equipment coming on-line in 2016 to suit the growing needs of
our customers. All of our transportation infrastructure is selected for efficient performance and safety. All trucks are equipped with GPS tracking equipment so we know
the whereabouts of customer shipments at all times. Electric pallet jacks help quickly and safely load and unload each shipment. Here is a video showing an electric pallet jack in operation.

Vintners Logistics Drivers

All of our drivers are customer service representatives, first and foremost. We hire the kind of drivers who understand and thrive within our company’s guiding principles of Safety, Service and Sanitation. These drivers are problem solvers and have the authority to make customer service decisions on their own. They are not just on the job to make the delivery. They are on the job to assist our customers. Our drivers really help separate Vintners Logistics from our business competition.

All Vintners Logistics drivers convey a professional appearance and demeanor, with company uniforms, GPS tracking systems and are certified lift operators to help assist in the loading or unloading.

Retail, Restaurant and Inside Delivery

Vintners Logistics drivers are customer service professionals, in addition to being safe drivers. They are certified lift truck operators and with our provided electric pallet jacks, will unload their own truck and put customer products away where needed. The drivers can unload themselves and put your product away by the pallet, case, or bottle, we are here to help you.

Service Territory

Our primary service territory is the Pacific Northwest and California. To achieve our customers needs of shipping nation wide we work in cooperation with Advantage Transportation to take product outside of our normal routes of service.

Weights and Measures

Vintners Logistics trucks and trailers are often able to drive by highway weigh stations without stopping. Due to our excellent safety record, we have NORPASS transponders installed in our trucks. This is part of the voluntary North American Preclearance and Safety System enabling our drivers to transmit their truck’s legal weight, safety rating, and credentials to authorities. For information on “scale bypass” click here

To further ensure load safety, we have equipped our fleet with air scales to help drivers legally distribute their load weight. If a driver has any concern regarding the weight of a load, Vintners Logistics will pay for a certified scale weight in order to meet legal requirements and ensure truck, driver and load safety.

2019 Current Transport Schedules

Seattle, WA Metro

4-5 trucks per day. We are working on stationing a local driver in Seattle to provide even greater customer service and access to Seattle-area distribution channels.

Portland, OR Metro

2-3 trucks per week.

Yakima Valley, WA


Walla Walla, WA


Spokane, WA


Boise, ID

From Kennewick, WA to Boise: 1-2 trucks per month.

Napa Valley, CA

3-4 trucks per week, 8 trucks per week in June. Cross-dock operations in American Canyon and local fleet are able to pickup and deliver product in the greater Napa, WA area on a daily basis.

The VL Difference

When is the last time you looked inside our trailer or another carrier’s trailer? Have you noticed that our trailers have no “chute” on the ceiling? The reason behind this is TCA. The chutes in reefer trailers are extremely moist and dark on the side you can not see unless removed, thus mold and TCA form. When the refrigeration unit is turned on the TCA is spread throughout the trailer from the air movement and onto your product. Our trailers are cleaned with food grade industry approved cleaners that will not harm your product and our trailers only haul food grade product, can your carrier say that?