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Direct To Consumer

Sep 28, 2018

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy harvest. For years many people within the wine industry have requested that I share compliance, safety and logistics information to help the whole industry. My first topic that I would like to write about is Direct to Consumer Fulfillment.

As we all know DTC is a great way to share and build your brand, however one of the biggest challenges is destination state compliance. Folks like ShipCompliant have developed some incredible tools to help you stay complaint and legal counsel such as Stoel Rives have been a great help.

This summer ShipCompliant presented at regional Washington Wine Institute meetings. One major topic they shared several times was there is “no magic ticket or permit” that a fulfillment house can obtain on behalf of their customers. Each winery whom “produced” the wine must obtain their own destination state license. Any fulfillment house that tells you otherwise is being less than honest.

With many states developing on-line wine purchasing sting operations, Fed Ex and UPS having to report shipment information to destination states LCB’s, they are taking notice of the inbound volume. They are linking the shipment to the winery permit, or lack there-of.

If you currently have sufficient DTC business or are developing the business you then must obtain the destination state license. If you don’t have the destination state license don’t ship your wine or have a 3rd party ship it for you. You are jeopardizing your business and the 3rd party fulfillment house is being dishonest. Fulfillment houses have been threatened to cease and desist and several have shut down programs that have been operating illegally.

Always seek legal counsels’ advice and direction and speak with industry experts such as ShipCompliant.

Additional upcoming topics: Insurance (cargo, reefer, warehouse), Selecting a Carrier, “Shipper” liability, Sanitation and more.

As always thanks for your business and continued support. We are here to serve, not to be served.

Robert & the Vintners Logistics family.