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The Vintners Logistics Story

People often ask Robert Thompson, owner of Vintners Logistics, “What is Vintners Logistics? What do you do?” He tells them that his company does the same thing he has done since he was a child — put puzzles together.

Robert has always been interested in solving challenges and working with different elements to make a complete picture. As he worked through his professional career, those “pictures” have become larger and larger, but the fun of the challenge has remained the same.

After working for Morgan Distributing, Mt. Hood Beverage, and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates for 18 years, Robert opened Vintners Logistics to provide warehousing and transportation services for the wine industry. He relied on his family, nearly two decades of winery logistics experience, his formal education, a detailed business plan and his faith to start Vintners
Logistics in 2007.

Blessed with the ability to develop and execute effective processes based on your needs has been a rewarding and successful experience. Robert aims to be a servant-leader: serving employees, customers, his community and industry. He takes great pride in enabling employees to provide for their families and helping Vintners Logistics customers succeed.