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About Us

Our approach is what makes us better.

While we are a professional business and do things by the book, our customer relationships are built on trust, not contracts. A handshake with you still means something to us.

Vintners Logistics is founded on the most basic and elemental of guidelines — The Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” While it may be a simple statement
that most everyone knows, there are very few companies that make business decisions based on it. Vintners Logistics does.

The benefit to you and your company is that we look out for your interests. If a problem happens, we deal with it in your favor… not ours. That’s how we would want to be treated. This customer focus and commitment to service gets you dedicated account executives who are
responsive and easy-to-work with.

We understand that our customers trust us to be an extension of their own business. As vineyard owners, winemakers, coopers and others associated with the wine industry, you have worked for many years developing your craft, refining your products and building your brand. We handle the logistics so you can focus on what you need to do to run your business.


Our pricing philosophy is simple: We are a compliant and socially responsible business that delivers logistics and related value-added services that meet or exceed your needs and expectations, while charging fair and sustainable prices. While it is possible to find shippers that may charge less, it is unlikely that you will find one with the experience, service, honesty and integrity that you’ll receive from Vintners Logistics.

Giving Back

An important aspect of our business is our commitment to the community. Vintners Logistics partners with many non-profit organizations and other groups to assist those in need. We support your efforts to do the same, by complementing your donations with reduced prices or donated services. Let us know how we might help you enhance your charitable work.


Vintners Logistics began operations in Kennewick, WA in 2007 and have maintained and expanded our presence here. There are over 300 wineries and many vineyards within 75 miles of our campus, putting Vintners Logistics in the heart of the Washington wine industry. South central Washington state is also a great place to raise a family, enjoy life and live the dream of operating a business.

To improve service and efficiencies for customers in the Seattle and Portland metro regions, in 2015 we’re opening new Cross Dock locations in Ellensburg, WA and Woodburn, OR.